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FATALE teaser on youtube!

The trailer for the film “Fatale” is up on youtube. Erin stars as “Mirela”, a vampire that only feeds on those who want to die…

Watch it here!


Thrush is up on IMDb

Erin wraps on another short film entitled “Thrush” as “Nightingale” with co-stars Cassie Shea Watson, Tom Zembrod and Stephen Brodie. Film Plot: “After a heist goes bad a yuppie couple try hide while their double-crossing partner looks to kill them.” Be sure to check it out on IMDb here…


Movie Madness

Erin steps onto yet another set for a new feature film titled “The Harrowing” with Director Jon Keeyes. She is playing “Bethany” and will be filming until the end of December for this project, and will be posting behind the scenes photos periodically on her twitter and facebook pages! 11.8.12

Reno Air Races 2012

Erin heads back to Reno, NV as a Bombshell for the Reno Air Races. She was interview by local press and Breitling’s crew from Switzerland caught her on camera as well. 9.11-9.17.12


Erin is cast as the lead in FATALE, playing the part of “Mirela”, a beautiful vampire flick currently in post production. Check in with her on Twitter for updates and pics! 8.27-9.1.12

Charlie: A Toy Story

Erin wraps up on another feature as “Misti Reed” in a 4 Angel Productions film, Charlie: A Toy Story. 8.9-8.30.12

Tambor, Costa Rica

Erin is back from Tambor, Costa Rica after filming as a host for Bikini USA TV. Models gathered from around the globe to compete for
the title of “Model of the Year” as Erin interviewed each of them to find out what would make them stand out for a chance at the coveted title.
She also gave viewers an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes at the photo shoots, and did a bit of exploring of the beautiful beaches and surroundings.

On set in Oklahoma

Erin wraps on set in Oklahoma for a new untitled feature in a lead role as “Amelia”. Everything is being kept very hush, hush for now; but the buzz will start soon! Check here for updates, and also on her IMDb page. 6.11-6.28.2012

Louisiana filming…

Erin returns from Louisiana after filming a fantasy/horror film in a lead role, as “Laiken”. The film’s title has not yet been released, but more news for the project will be coming soon! STAY TUNED… 6.8.12

Bare Bones Film Festival 2012

Erin is at the 2012 Bare Bones Film Festival for the film “The Ugly”, along with Director/Writer-Troy Hart, Director of Photography-Alberto Kerbow, and Assistant Camera-Steve Moore. “The Ugly” was nominated for two awards- ‘Best Picture Action Short’ and ‘Best Ensemble Cast in a Non-Feature Movie’; and received awards for ’Best Picture Action Short’, ‘Audience Award for Best Poster’ (which is of her as “Nancy”) and the very prestigious ‘Ford Austin Award for Best Shot’.   The film also received the Silver Remi award from the 45th Annual World-Fest Houston International Film Festival 2012.  4.21-22.2012